About Indigo+Felix

Named for my children, Indigo+Felix came about when I was searching for some unique watercolour wall art for my children’s rooms that reflected my love for colour and vibrancy. Failing to find any that suited my taste for bold, bright colours and geometric shapes and patterns, I decided to create my own.

After sharing my work on social media, I started receiving requests to create originals and prints from other people who wanted some bold, colourful artwork for their own homes and so Indigo+Felix was born.

Having worked in the design industry for more than 10 years I have a great love for shapes and colours and after watching my father paint watercolours throughout my childhood, I was naturally drawn to them as a medium.

With my abstract work I create as the mood takes me, drawing inspiration from the world around me, especially nature and the changing seasons in my beautiful home town and the countryside that surrounds it.

All artworks are created at my kitchen table in East Gippsland, Australia (while keeping an eye on the “original” Indigo and Felix), before being carefully reproduced so that you receive a professionally printed archival-quality artwork that will last for many years.

I hope that my artworks exude the joy I experience while creating them.

– Jane McKay